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The writer

Who am I?        

I am Kirandeep, a chief writer of techmunchies.in. My road to now was not linear. From the very beginning days of middle school, I begin to dream of becoming a Software Engineer. But the journey was not really easy. There came a time when I finally got my Master’s degree in Computers (MCA). During my graduation and masters, I learned to work in many technologies- from basic C language to IoT.

A time came when I have to start to earn. That time, it became tough for me to get a job in programming as there was still so much stuff that was required to learn. That time I realized that I should give direction to my hobby of writing. I used to write blogs during my teenage. Yes! I started writing at the age of fourteen only and honored for my writing skills during high school at the age of seventeen. Thus, I started giving interviews and in just a month I was able to start an in-house job in technical writing. Then… the journey continued…..!!

Be present wherever you are.

Plan. Work. Strive. Repeat. Be micro minded.

About me – Kirandeep

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I am born and brought up in the state of Punjab, India. Currently, we are staying in North Delhi. I belong from a family who is using the computer since the very beginning (since 1998). My brother is a graphic designer. Got married to a handsome boy in November 2017 who is a Software Developer by profession – Anoop. We are a strong believer of One God whose name is Truth – “Satnaam

What I do now?

Just like music, I carefully orchestrate the notes (words) to form a rhythmic melody (write-up). So, rejoice! Being a writer, I have the power to create something new with each word I write.

I did not leave my dream of becoming a Software Engineer instead, my path took a curve. I am now a technical writer/blogger with an avid interest in programming, technical blogging, creative blogging, motivational blogging, etc. I write plain English with coding! I love taking challenges and love being part of the solution. I have been honored with the youngest writer award in the school at the age of seventeen. My writing journey started in 2014 and that was ghostwriting.

Currently, I create content for humans in the age of bots in an informative, entertaining, and engaging tone. What’s the outcome? People can spend more time and fall in love with the content. And how about the final results? Strong knowledge of the topic what the reader is looking for!

I am very passionate about technology and specially the latest ones! I enjoy keeping up with the latest changes in search, the evolution of technology updates and digging to find where clients can find sustainable in search visibility.

I write every day! Sometimes for me and sometimes for others! This is how Techmunchies.in booked a room on the web.

“At this moment you have all the moments. All other moments are present now. Take this moment, make it yours, and be blessed. “

Why me?

  • I am a Technophile and Cybernaut
  • I enjoy reading
  • I am an individual from the Grammar police and constantly get into arguments with people because of it
  • I spend a lot of time on the internet reading and watching videos
  • I love doing research and can expound on a subject and claim it

Fun facts about me

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Further, the only thing I like better than talking about food is eating! Enough said. 😉

When I am not typing anything for my write-ups, you can find me playing mobile games, cooking, or surfing about technology trends. I am a music lover!

I like to write about

  • Technology (Java, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding
  • Spirituality
  • Self-improvement
  • Cosmology
  • Psychology
  • Gadgets
  • Social Media platforms
  • Quora
  • Life experiences and sometimes life problems
  • And other interested things…

I am a lover of wisdom

Welcome to techmunchies.in! Let’s connect the power of technology together! 🙂

Your suggestions are always welcome. Contact me if you want a write-up on anything specific.