An ultimate guide for effective Blogging

Initially, blogging was used as an online jotter or a journal where the person can share thoughts, opinions, experiences etc. As per the continuous growth in the era of business, a blog has become a business platform for the millions. 

Trust me, Blogging is really interesting! Once you start writing blogs, it becomes your passion. The terminology of the blog can be understood by splitting this word into two expressions:-

Expression: 1

Web + Blog = Weblog

The concatenated term Weblog can be the blog content related to the website in order to maintain chronicle of information.

Expression: 2

We + Blog = WeBlog

Another nexus Weblog can be related to the blog content which is providing information about something. 

Let us understand some basic phraseology used in blogging.

A Blog is a repository of information.

Blogger is the person who writes the information using various web tools.

Blog Content is the prelims of any website. Content is said to be the backbone of the website.

The main idea behind building blogs is to maintain a repository. Blogs can be personal, motivational or informative. In this article, we are going to provide an ultimate guide for effective blogging which is beneficial for both novices and pros and we are going to discuss various common things required in every blog, requisites of blogging, pros and cons and fascinating tips for blogging.  

Fundamentals of blogging

There are various aspects of blogging. Some people do blogging to get higher rankings on search results, some make a living from it, and chandlers use it to promote their products and their stores.

All types of blogs tends to have few things in common. These are:-

Requisites of blogging

Apart from the fundamentals, there are few requisite ingredients of blogging. These may include-

  1. Purpose of blogging: Think for a moment before writing blogs. You must be clear about your purpose of blogging. The purpose can be-
  • For living
  • To generate money
  • To generate leads
  • To generate traffic
  1. Valid point: If you’ve been just focusing on publishing a particular length of words each day; you’re probably in a cringe. Make sure your content position itself at a valid point. Your article must have somewhat that gives readers something imperishable.
  1. Infographics: Content is not only about crawling and search engines. You must write stuff that the user not only crawls but can read. Use of pictures makes your content impressive as well as interesting. Use of infographics in your blog will not let your reader sleep whilst reading and also make your reader stick to the blog. What else do you want!
  1. Structure: Structuring the content of the blog is the most prominent part to consider. It includes- the makeup of the content, sentence formation, font style, font size and layout of the elements of content. Make the content easy and digestive. Here is the proper format you should follow- 

  1. Unique content: Make your content thematic. Don’t write what everyone is making, go for the unique spin. Unique content always gets maximum hits and shares.
  1. Sizeable length:  The length of content depends upon the type of article you are writing. If you want regular hits, then make it for 1000-1500 words.

  1. Domestic linking: Engage the readers within the domestic content which can be either in-page linking (within the same page) or out-page linking (external linking within your own site or blog).
  1. Pay attention to Grammar and Punctuation: While writing the content, don’t forget the basic grammar and punctuation. This is the base of every content. Inappropriate grammar and punctuation may leave a bad impression on the reader. And you don’t want that, right?

  1. A Call to action: Believe me! A CTA is a magic ingredient that can do wonders! To make your content more attractive, all you have to do is- use internal links, images and impeccable style to create a CTA.

Pros and cons of blogging

Getting started with blogging is very easyRegular updates are required
No technical expertise is requiredYou need to be neutral while expressing your ideas as being too honest is inviting trouble!
It gives a reason to visit your websiteRapidly writing and publishing blog may lead you in trouble
Acts like a communityWhile publishing a blog, unexpected technical issues may take unnecessary time
Like, share, follow and earnAnonymous comments may leave a bad impression
Thematic look and impressionChoosing and creating themes can be time -consuming
A Blog can be a hobby of many peopleA lot of commitment and hard work is required to make blog updatable 
It makes you popular You need a lot of ideas to write a regular blog
Once you start writing, it becomes your hobbyThe Blog article is not enough. You need to give more than it.

Fascinating tips for blogging

  • Research, research, and research!
  • Make a compelling heading for your blog post. Choose it wisely
  • Warm up the reader by making catchy intro at the very beginning
  • Don’t overuse of buzzwords
  • Follow the web writer’s bible (Like AP Stylebook)
  • Keep the reading level low but increase the user interaction with infographics
  • Don’t pick random subjects for your blog post. Be consistent with what you’re writing 
  • Make your reader connected with the post by replacing “I” and “We” with “YOU”
  • Add sub-heading to divide the page into sections
  • Make use of bullet points
  • The tone of content should be very polite and positive
  • Be consistent of what you’re expressing
  • Write blogs that actually people are looking for
  • Use enough internal linking at least 3-10 internal links per post is required
  • The information should be relevant to what users are exactly looking for
  • Use most searched keywords in your content
  • Get your hands dirty with the content first so that you are clear of what you are going to write about
  • Engage more and more people through social media marketing
  • Don’t let your existing readers leave by providing them enough food to increase their knowledge
  • Don’t forget that people are looking for valuable and specific information. Don’t be so generic
  • Embellish your content by using bold, italics, underline, highlighters etc.
  • Add images and charts where applicable
  • Don’t forget to include call-to-action
  • Optimize your images/videos in the blog post carefully. Make sure- image file name, size, caption, title, alternate text, position, thumbnails (at least 160×90 in size), etc.
  • Always proofread the article 2-3 times before making it live
  • “Sharing is Caring” is a right saying. Share the blog post on social media and encourage your readers to do so


Blogging is not an easy-peasy walk in the park. Research, time and experience are the best teachers. Churning out the content of the blog is not really a path towards success. Be careful and alert whilst writing a blog. Become unique dresser of the blog; don’t wear the same costume of content what everyone is wearing. If you take a closer look at the internet, you will discover a big part of it is just a collection of blogs in the form of text, images, infographics etc. Recap the above points and Happy Blogging!

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