Do You Want A Bright Future?


For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” 

Three things that determine our future are: thoughtsbelief and speech.  Therefore think differently and speak differently.

We can classify people based on how they have control over their mind:
  1. People who are arrested by their mind
  2. People who are master over their mind.
There are four different thoughts about each and every person on earth:
  1. What others think about a person!
  2. What does an opponent think about a person!
  3. What does a person think about himself!
  4. What does God think about a person!
Thoughts of others, the opponent and a person’s own thoughts about himself are not positive all the time.  They are negative most of the time.  Negative thoughts are thoughts that are contrary to the word of God.  Therefore stop thinking negative; and start thinking like how God thinks about you for a bright future.
Have faith in God!
Do You know?   Faith Can Move Mountains!!
Normally people do believe what they feel or see.  People who have their faith in their feelings always live in the present.  But people who have their faith in God live in the future.  Because they have their faith in God, who gives them the strength to do things which are impossible for them to do.
People who have their faith in God will begin to speak a different language.  They don’t speak about the mountain (problem), but they speak to the mountain.  They speak the word of God, which has the power to overcome the problems in our day to day life.
Therefore, believe that something new will happen in your life everyday.  Don’t exaggerate your life problems, but exaggerate God and his mighty deeds in your life.  Don’t be a mouth piece of the enemy; rather agree and acknowledge the word of God and speak them out of your mouth for having a bright future!
Keep Saying yourself that:

Say This! 

& Live This! 

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